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glow ride on the sunset bike tour

Sunset Tour

This bike tour is a golden hour glow ride of Peaks Island 



The Tour

The Tour

This bike tour is perfect for families and couples who want beautiful photos in some of the most beautiful places in the Portland area. The ride starts at the eastern promenade where we will size you up for bikes and then head for the ferry terminal. When we arrive at the ferry we will board and enjoy the open-air views of the Casco Bay as we head for Peaks Island. Once on the island, we will enjoy the exterior rim road as we head for the best views to enjoy the golden hour. Guests can choose to roll through Battery Steele; an underground gun battery built by the US military during WWII... Our bikes will light up when we are through the battery, often the tour ends after sunset. When we get back to the ferry terminal we can have ice cream or a beer before we get back on the boat and return to Portland.

Other things to note:

All included bike helmet, rental, and ferry ticket. There are some moderate uphills, but bikes have gears and plenty of lights in case we are out as the sun.

  • Distance: 5-8 miles
  • Skill level: beginner
  • Length 1.5-2 Hours


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